A middleware for publishing semantic event streams on the Web

Ztreamy 0.5 has been released on 2016-07-05 (download). See the Changelog file for the list of improvements.

Ztreamy 0.4.2 has been released on 2015-11-27 (download). It fixes a bug in response headers when the last-seen feature is used in streaming mode.

Ztreamy 0.4.1 has been released on 2015-11-23 (download). It fixes a bug with zlib compression when content was served from the recent events buffer through the last-seen feature.

Ztreamy 0.4 has been released on 2015-09-22 (download). The major novelties are a fully refactored event dispatching module and a web dashboard to follow the stream from a web browser (just append /dashboard.html to the main stream URL and load that from a browser, e.g.: http://localhost:9000/events/dashboard.html).

Ztreamy 0.3.2 has been released on 2015-03-26 (download). The installation procedure is now easier, since it can be automatically downloaded and installed from the PyPI software repository. See in the Quick Start Guide the new installation instructions.


Ztreamy is a prototype implementation of a framework for publishing streams of semantically-annotated data (e.g. readings from sensores) through on the Web, built on top of the Tornado Web server. The framework provides services that are specific to events described with RDF, although any other kinds of events can be transported as well. The platform provides scalability through replication: streams can be repeated from other servers. Streams can also be aggregated and filtered.

A thorough description and evaluation of Ztreamy has been published at the Journal of Web Semantics. Its preprint is publicly available for download. If you want to cite Ztreamy from a research publication or report, please use the following bibliographic reference:

The program is free software, licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3 or any later version. You can access its source code, report bugs and send pull requests at its GitHub page.

Read the Quick Start Guide in order to know how to install and run the software. Then, you can read the guide Programming applications in Ztreamy for a basic guide on how to develop your applications on top of Ztreamy.